By Faith W. Smalls

Whether its leggings paired with a tailored jacket, a flirty dress in pastel colors, or a hot Olivia Poped-out suit, we all have a unique sense of style when it comes to our casual, business and play attire. But whatever your wardrobe decisions, know they subconsciously send out messages that convey your feelings and draw emotional reactions from others.

So the next time you reach into your closet, consider these mind-blowing truths about the effects of clothing.

1. Looking great, feeling better!
Improve your attitude by wearing your never-fail outfit. You know – that suit, skirt or blouse that always looks good on you no matter the circumstances. Dr. Alastair Tombs, lead researcher in a study about people’s emotional ties to clothing, noted that several participants said they often relied on their wardrobe to change their mood. “If they get up and aren't feeling great, they would put on something that would brighten them up.”

2. Your true colors are shining through According to CareerBuilder experts, blue, black, gray and brown shades are your best bet for a job interview. But also consider the following color guidelines if you have already landed a job and are now looking to make a certain impression during a presentation, or simply want to generate the right vibe on a date.

  • White – Organization 
  • Red – Power 
  • Burgundy - Sophistication 
  • Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow - Creativity 
  • Pink - Approachability
  • 3. Gaga goodness
  • I’m not suggesting you don a meat masterpiece, as pop icon Lady Gaga did, but if you work at an avant garde company or attend an artsy affair, a few creative curve balls to an otherwise traditional look might serve you well. Experiment with an unexpected splash of color or an unusual use of fabric. You may even gain a reputation among your peers as a trendsetter and independent thinker!
    4. What jeans mean: ‘I’m sassy and sexy’ or ‘Whateva man!’
    Our denim duds can cut either way. If you effortlessly throw on some mom jeans, beware of the cringe-worthy crotch bagginess that screams ‘Doesn’t matter, gotta run errands’. This lack of care was identified as a strong link between depression and wearing jeans according to a recent study. On the other hand, taking some time to create a polished ensemble with shape- complimenting jeans, pulled together by snazzy boots or shoes and playful accessories, delivers a fun look that can take you from casual Friday well into happy hour.
    Bottom line: Our clothing choices speak volumes. What statement are you trying to make?