writing about people's health challenges could stress me ...

but no...  


" All the talk of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions that chunks of society suffer at disproportionate rates can be disheartening. 

But it's not for me. 

I see the hope cultivated in the litany of educational programs, research, and technology geared toward improving health and wellness across a spectrum of communities.  

And while these avenues to better health often deal with population healthcare models, they all funnel into best care practices and communication approaches targeting each unique individual.

There is plenty to look forward to when we all put our collective heads and hearts together to uncover innovative solutions.

It's about doctors, patients, and everyone in between coming together around community dialogue, health technology, reimbursement policies, and care delivery practices for one sole purpose - achieving equity and improved health for those that matter most -- EVERYONE."

- Dr. Faith W. Smalls
President, Eva Healthcare Marketing


How she shows off the stellar qualities of your products

After 20 years of writing healthcare, population health, and wellness communications in managed care and corporate settings, Faith knows what the important messages are surrounding population healthcare.

She has a deep understanding of the data, community, payment models, and government issues that drive care delivery and the challenges of measuring provider performance and patient outcomes.  

That means, she'll know how to create copy that relates to the concerns you and your customers are facing.

Faith takes those issues to heart when writing end-to-end content that nails down product features and, more importantly, benefits that make life easier and better for patients and providers. 

Let Faith help grow your pharmaceutical or population health business by enhancing your content marketing and online presence. 



Faith is a graduate of Columbia University's School of Journalism and a member of the American Writers and Artists Inc.'s Circle of Success.

She also has experience writing health benefits communications for Fortune 500 companies such as Dupont, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Morgan Stanley.

Also, Faith worked as an editorial assistant for the American Journal of Nursing, one of the largest peer-reviewed nursing publications in the country.  

And, Faith is not alone in providing you with reliable marketing services ! Learn about the team of experts she works with to ensure you receive a full array of professional marketing services.

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satisfied CLIENTS!...

“I am so thankful to Dr. Faith Smalls/Eva Healthcare Marketing for the outstanding work done for my organization. She invested a generous amount of time and attention to addressing my organization's engagement and growth needs. Dr. Smalls was extremely reliable and responsive to my deadlines. She clearly understood our business, mission and objectives. 

 Not only did Dr. Smalls write copy, she came up with an alternate offer. I believe the marketing materials she created will help us grow our membership and improve communication with existing members.”

- Dr. Alston - Chair, Professional Development , San Diego Black Nurses Association, Inc., San Diego, CA


"Faith Smalls is reliable, detail-oriented, even fun to interact and partner with. I always feel like I'm in good marketing hands with Dr. Smalls!"

- Melissa Giraldez, RN, Clinical Coordinator, Connecticut hospital