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The MORE I write about people's health, the more involved i become with technology... 


" But I never get so sucked into the "techie" language of IT that I forget it all has to come back to human beings.


HIPAA, HITECH, interoperability, etc. ... none of that industry jargon means a thing if people don't receive better care and experience improved  outcomes. 


It's about doctors, patients and everyone in between coming together around health IT for one sole purpose - a healthier society, across diverse populations.  

That focus will drive the development, sale, and use of the best products and services for consumers."

- Dr. Faith W. Smalls
President, Eva Healthcare Marketing

How she shows off the stellar qualities of your products 

After 20 years of writing for providers and patients in a managed care setting, Faith knows that a core data system goes beyond storing data, figures, and names.

Core information systems are living platforms. They enable critical health care delivery decisions, enterprise strategies, and productive relationships between payers and providers.

It's this knowledge that she pours into writing riveting content that nails down key product features and, more importantly, bold benefits that make life easier and better for providers.

She has written hundreds of articles, brochures, success stories, advisory briefs, newsletters, emails, scripts and more focused on system updates, instruction, and policies. 

Let us help you get in front of prospects with the information they need to understand the business-transforming value of your products and services. 

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Copywriter (and president) Faith Smalls, is a graduate of Columbia University's School of Journalism and a member of the American Writers and Artists Inc.'s (AWAI) Circle of Success.

Well-versed in government compliance regulations, Faith has several years of experience writing health benefits web copy for Fortune 500 companies, including Lockheed Martin Corporation, Morgan Stanley, and Exxon Mobil to name a few.

Also, Faith worked as an editorial assistant for one of the largest nursing journals in the country. That experience, as well as her many nurse friends and relatives, made for lots of nurse conversation in her life. And she enjoys it! 

And what's more ... Faith is not alone! Learn about the team of experts she works with to ensure you receive the highest level of professional service.

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“I am so thankful to Dr. Faith Smalls/Eva Healthcare Marketing for the outstanding work done for my organization. She invested a generous amount of time and attention to addressing my organization's engagement and growth needs. Dr. Smalls was extremely reliable and responsive to my deadlines. She clearly understood our business, mission and objectives. 

 Not only did Dr. Smalls write copy, she came up with an alternate offer. I believe the marketing materials she created will help us grow our membership and improve communication with existing members.”

- Dr. Alston - Chair, Professional Development , San Diego Black Nurses Association, Inc., San Diego, CA

"My website is the first point of contact for many of my clients so I was in need of a great copyrighter. I told Ms. Smalls about my demographic and she was able to use the right words in the copy to appeal to them.  

She created a landing page that generated a lot of leads and conversions." 

- Marlon Mclean 
Owner. Marlon Mclean Photography 
Bronx, NY