Welcome to Eva's Eye

Welcome to Eva's Eye, the blog for Eva Healthcare Marketing! All providers, healthcare business professionals, policy makers, and other stakeholders are encouraged to stop by and weigh in with insights, perspectives and content concerning patients' healthcare experiences.  

Whatever your opinion, all that we ask is that you enter this space with a listening ear and a receptive heart. While we may not always agree with one another, this blog serves as a forum where we respectfully share, explore and dissect a variety of issues impacting those who sit smack dab in the middle of the firestorm, hope, confusion, relief, uncertainty, and innovation of healthcare - PATIENTS.  Please keep them first and foremost in mind, as you join the invigorating conversations in Eva's Eye.

From time to time, we will provide marketing and advertising tips, but we believe that discussions pertaining to healthcare consumers' experiences, concerns, and care outcomes will help you get to know them better. It is this understanding that will serve you well in your efforts to build long-lasting, caring... and profitable relationships with your target audiences.

Let me know at anytime, which topics you'd like to dive into. 

- Faith W. Smalls, President, Eva Healthcare Marketing