Happy National Donate Life Month

It creeps some people out when they think of being found through lists. 

Way back in antiquity, it was not unusual to quibble over including one's information in the local phone directory. The notion of securing your most personal data -- telephone number and address -- was something to give a little thought to. Today, of course, Facebook and other social media platforms humble our concept about privacy.

Clearly, donating ones organs is a matter that warrants significantly more consideration than deciding if you can deal with your ex having easy access to your new number.  But it does raise some questions about how people might feel about their information being out there.

But there are larger concerns at play when it comes to our information.

April is National Donate Life Month. Consider what signing up with your state organ, eye and tissue registry can mean to someone in the future. And while you are required to cough up your XXXX, the benefits  of your contribution are well worth it. 

Donors can look forward to saving lives, restoring eyesight, and transforming the quality of others' existence. 

And, if you are a person of color, donation is especially crucial. While people aren't matched according to race, intraracial matches are far more common, because compatible blood types and tissue markers are more likely to be found among members of the same ethnicity.