Portal Talk, Please Doc!

Last week I took my toddler to his annual physical. And as usual, his doctor printed out a summary of the visit - medication history, overview of vaccinations, blood tests - the usual.  

As we wrapped up our conversation and  prepared to leave, the doctor advised me to call to schedule a follow-up appointment. 

No biggie, right? 

For any number of reasons, your doctor may ask you to return to check something out after a couple of weeks. But that wasn't my concern. This is not the first time I had to schedule a follow-up appointments for my son - or myself for that matter. 

And the thought I had did n't come to my mind, until I visited another health center's website for business purposes. I was scanning the site and ran across a message in the lower left-hand corner on a member landing page that invited patients to "connect " with them online.

They were talking about their patient portal.

It suddenly dawned on me that my son's pediatrician nor my PCP ever mentioned their patient portal. I pulled out my latest summary to check if the link to their portal was included, and it was. Now, I'm not complaining, but I do believe PCPs should consider bringing up the portal during a visit.