SWEET PACKAGE DEALS THAT get the entire job done for less!  

To generate leads, none of your marketing content can stand in isolation. It's often a waste of time to create only one landing page, or one email. Various marketing pieces must come together like a jigsaw puzzle.

For optimal business results, create accompanying pieces that naturally work together in holding prospects' attention while you educate and convert them into loyal customers.  

3 Items. One Win.

With a package deal, you get all the benefits of aligning videos with emails that push prospects closer to "yes"...

 And drive them to landing pages that offer the proof, highly-sought content and emotionally balanced messages to snag the sale!

How much, you ask?

Package A

2 landing pages
30 emails
1 video script
Total - $20,000


Package B

52 emails (1 X week for a year) - $19,000


260 emails (5 X week for a year) - $65,000

Beats piecemeal work any day, right!?

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