OUR writer is A managed care communications expert who has created tons of strategic copy for medical directors, chief information officers, doctors, nurses and consumers.

through her extensive work with managed care companies, she has developed a strong expertise in population health and chronic health conditions. this knowledge benefits you through sales-generating content marketing that delivers...

  • Video scripts  that merge into people's thought traffic, so they CONVERT! 
  • Landing pages that lay out essential information in an orderly, inviting way.
  • E-mails that are not so salesy, but talk about relatable, "real" things.

Even when packaged in different formats, these communication assets are MOST effective at inspiring readers to take action.

What you get:

Videos (including scripts and sales letters). Landing pages.  Emails.  Yup. Those are the three things our writer specializes in, studies and mulls over with mucho love!

We write online content and provide consulting services to companies and providers involved in the pharmaceutical and population health industries.

How we help:

We create hear-it-now messages to help move your healthcare business forward.

Use these communication tools the right way, and you will see a jump in sales. That is, if your marketing materials delve beyond the surface motives of customers and reflect their deeper desires.

That's where we come in.

Who we help:

We work with marketing vice presidents, directors, managers, and marketing communications staff. 

Contact us today if you have a project in mind that can benefit from the expertise of a skilled copywriter and marketing consultant, or call anyway to just bat around some ideas.

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