How We Get Your Projects Done…
The process will vary slightly based on the project, but there are certain basic points that are always covered.

  •  Initial contact: What are your goals and needs? What steps will be taken to get you there? What are the deadlines and the cost? This basic conversation will flush out our basic compatibility for working together. 
  •  Continued discussion and research: What are your current promotions? What are your competitors doing? We will research your competitors' websites, social media and new stories
  • Proposal: Discussion of my proposed strategy
  • Contract: Draft detailed agreement, which will incorporate deliverables, dates, and payment provisions (for example, we require 50% of the full fee as an initial payment).
  • Compilation of Research: Gather all research and summarize. Secure approval for direction of the project.
  • Writing: We create a fairly refined draft following review of the company materials, and any research materials gathered.
  • Editing and Polishing: Client review. As many revisions as necessary to assure your satisfaction.
  • Client review: You will carefully look over the draft and, if necessary, provide comments and requested edits for final draft.
  • Delivering Final Content:  You will receive new content via email or they will be uploaded to Google Docs on or before the deadline.
  • Final invoice: After you review the final content and advise you are 100 percent satisfied, we will email an invoice for the balance to you.

By the way, I appreciate it when clients keep me posted on results. This information helps me better target and refine subsequent marketing strategies for you.

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"Results-driven, innovative, creative, and certainly passionate about making a difference in healthcare are terms that come to mind when describing Dr. Faith Smalls."

-- Rotonya Carr, MD, hematology specialist, PA