White Papers

Why you may need a White Paper

·       You need a tool to draw prospects to your website, especially product pages.

·       A white paper provides the facts, explanations, and rationales needed by marketing managers to make a purchasing decision.

·       You need a detailed  to justify the cost of an expensive or complex item

If your website needs a “companion piece” to sell your products, my white paper package is what you need.

I take a detailed look at the descriptions found on your site of your product or service your website, in conjunction to any other sales collateral you might have. I then develop three headlines and three leads.

My White Paper Package includes:

·       Gather and thoroughly analyze multiple pieces of product data (e.g., sell sheet, customer testimonials, user guides, etc.).

·       List features and benefits of products or services.

·       Identify types of subject matter experts to interview.

Faith will email a first draft to you, with three headline and lead options. Then, she’ll speak to you n the phone for an hour to discuss the draft. Following your teleconference, you’ll have a complete roadmap of how to proceed with the white paper — plus a thorough understanding of why and how.

Getting Started

Kindly contact me at 917-620-2859 or faithsmalls@verizon.net.


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