Case Studies

Why you may need a Case Study

·       A success story from a customer does a lot to get prospects “warmed up” to you. If a previous client says you’re the best thing since sliced bread, a new client is likely to feel comfortable enough to buy your products.

·       A case study could provide the basis of a more comprehensive prospecting piece.

·       Your current testimonials are too short or old to be convincing anymore.

If you lack those “rah, rah, rah” stories to tout as proof of your greatness, my case study package is what you need.

I take a detailed look at your customer testimonials and other related customer statements. I then provide researched, story-oriented copy to implement with my guidance.

My Case Study Package includes:

·       Complete analysis of your testimonials and customer statements.

·       Interview of targeted client.

Faith will email a draft of the case study to you. Then, she’ll speak to you on the phone for an hour to discuss this initial version. During this time, you can request revisions. Faith will then work on the revisions and provide you with another copy for your approval. Once your final teleconference is done, you’ll have a complete roadmap of how to proceed — plus a thorough understanding of why and how.

Getting Started

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