Web Content

Why you may need new Web Content

  • Your website has tumbled down Google’s search results, and you can’t figure out  why.
  • Your website isn’t generating enough traffic or clicks.
  • If you’re in a highly regulated industry, there may be opportunities to tighten up copy for improved compliance.

If your site has gotten stale or become unprofitable -- or never was profitable, my web content package is what you need.

I take a detailed look at your website, as well as your competitors’. I then provide recommended fixes that you can implement with my guidance.

My Web Content Package includes:

  • Complete analysis of your website with regard to videos, blogs, articles, newsletters, other assets and distribution channels.
  • Keyword research plus list of keywords you should be incorporating into your content, given your services, products and goals.

Faith will email a complete report to you, including samples of suggested copy. Then, she’ll speak to you on the phone for an hour to discuss findings and recommendations. Following your teleconference, you’ll have a complete roadmap (plus one alternative) of how to proceed — plus a thorough understanding of why and how.

Getting Started

Kindly contact me at 917-620-2859 or faithsmalls@verizon.net.


Also, be sure to check out our cost-cutting package deals.


Call: 917-620-2859

Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 pm